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21st Birthday Bash

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Saturday night, 12 of my friends came from all over Ohio to come celebrate my 21st Birthday in Cleveland. We rented 3 hotel rooms, went to dinner, and then went out to the bars for a night on the town.

The night overall was a lot of fun, but the dinner did have a couple big issues. For dinner, we went to Barley House downtown. Barley House is known for their great food and large beer selection. When we ate there, that was not the problem but there were others.

First of all, I called and made a reservation for 15 people two weeks prior to the event, yet when we got to the restaurant, they were not ready to seat us. They had the reservation written down, but they did not know where they wanted to put us. We ended up getting sat right away, but we sat in an area that was being converted into the extended bar after we finished our meal.

For the second issue, I ordered a frozen margarita from the server with my dinner. She then turned around and asked me, “Would you like regular or strawberry?” I told her strawberry sounded good, and she left. About 10-15 minutes later, she came back with my “drink”. The drink was a strawberry margarita on the rocks instead of frozen. Just wondering why it was not frozen, I asked the server and she told me the strawberry ones were not available frozen. (I didn’t say anything at this point but thought to myself that she was the one who offered me the choice earlier). But then seconds later, she was like it doesn’t matter anyways because our blender is broken…and walked away.

For the last problem, 12 girls plus my parents at dinner all means separate checks or at least split up as much as possible. I called earlier and asked if this would be a problem and they said no. But then after ordering, they told our party they would only split up the checks into 2 (about 7 people per check). Now thinking about 7 or 8 21-22 year olds with credit cards….it just wouldn’t work. So they wouldn’t help and my mom ended up paying for the whole check.

Overall, the restaurant had great food that was resonably priced, BUT I would NEVER go back solely based on the service. NEVER AGAIN!!!!


Torie Nicholas

  1. Hi Torie

    Happy 21st Birthday!

    About separate checks…most nicer places don’t do that. Everyone could’ve asked the wait person to divide the check by how many people there were and threw their credit cards down on the table. Everyone would’ve been charged equally. Restaurants get charged fees every time they charge a different credit card. Did they add 18% to the bill for a large party? Many restaurant do that.

    It sounds like you didn’t have good service. There will be other restaurants with better service. So glad all your friends came to help you celebrate — that is what counts.

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