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Cupcake Wars

Prize-wining vegan cupcakes. Happy Anniversary...
Image by John C Abell via Flickr

Have you ever seen this show? Cupcake Wars is a great show on the Food Network Channel that features bakers who battle it out to win $10,000 to further their business. They have to compete to make the best cupcakes in a very restricted time frame. In the final round, two teams battle it out to make thousands of cupcakes with a display in two hours for a particular event or function.

This show is very addictive and I love watching it. Before I stumbled upon it, I had no idea what I was missing but now I love this show. It is a huge challenge but the bakers always come up with the gorgeous looking and tasting cupcakes. They have a panel of three judges that judge the cupcakes on flavor and appearance.

Some cupcakes are made very simple, while others are crazy recipes to try and impress the judges. One of the strangest cupcakes I have seen on the show was a goat cheese cupcake with

Torie Nicholas

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