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Have you heard of Groupon? Groupon is a new coupon site that is very popular right now. This site picked up speed very quickly and it is a great place to go if you are a value conscious consumer.

The way Groupon works is companies can put a deal on Groupon for 2 or 3 days. In this time, all the deals will be posted on the website where consumers can go and purchase the deals. Although the deals are usually only on the site for a couple days, you usually have months or more to redeem to deal with the specific company, restaurant etc.

This is a great site and I have used Groupon many times. Some of the food deals I have bought include a very nice Hibachi place ($25 for $50 worth of food) Bellacino’s Grinders ($10 for $20 worth of food) and Donato’s Pizza ($10 for $20 worth of food). Besides food deals on the site, there are deals for tons of other things too.

Besides Groupon, there are other similar sites such as Living Social and Daily Deal Cleveland, but Groupon definetely has the most deals and the best deals!

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Torie Nicholas

  1. Groupon is good for the consumer but not so great for the business. I think businesses who need cash flow or to be branded within their community opt to use Groupon.

    Unless a customer has a favorable experience and comes back a second or third time, the business doesn’t get much out of it.

    Google almost bought Groupon for a billion bucks but changed its mind.

    I think Groupon is a great idea and have used it and that reminds me I have to use a few more before they expire.

  2. I think it can be very beneficial for the business if the customer gets a good experience from going there. I personally have tried places I would otherwise never have tried, and I will go back in the future.

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