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Tucson Summer Culinary Fundraiser: Primavera Cooks 2011

Food Photography for Mayi Fine Dining Restaurant
Image by Sidious Sid via Flickr

Tucson Originals’ restaurants summer fundraiser

Starting this week, Primavera Cooks kick starts its summer long culinary fundraising for the Primavera Foundation. The Foundation helps Tucsonans who live below the poverty level as well as the homeless with housing, skills, and their basic needs. Most of all it gives them confidence and dignity which is hard to come by when situations seem dire.

Through the generous altruism of the Tucson Originals’ restaurants, funds are raised for the Foundation.

A few years ago I had the privilege to be an apprentice chef at Kingfisher Bar & Grill. That rewarding experience gave me a new  appreciation for the back of the house (of a restaurant). It is amazingly difficult work requiring being on your feet and moving with precision at the speed of light.

I cooked for 2.5 days. Although I was bone tired, I would not have missed the apprentice chef opportunity for the world because 1) it was for a great cause, 2) I love to learn new things in the kitchen,  3) I hung out with some really cool people — restaurant staff and other apprentice chefs, including one good natured TV meterologist, and 4) I wore a starchy toque.

If you like to cook, I suggest you be an apprentice chef for a good cause.

If you like to eat, go and support the Primavera Foundation as a diner (did that a few years ago at Feast).

Dedicated food and wine lovers pay to become Apprentice Chefs ($250) or Apprentice Sommeliers ($150) so they plan and prepare a multi-course, wine paired dinner with a Tucson Original Chef.  The public is invited to enjoy these fabulous feasts throughout the summer.

Cost per person – $125 (inclusive).

Get details here
or contact: David Elliott at  623-5111 ext. 101.


Janos (Kick-off)
Wednesday, May 18

Cup Café (Brunch)
Sunday, June 12

Wednesday, June 15

Le Rendez-vous
Wednesday, August 3

Lodge on the Desert
Wednesday, August 10

Wednesday, August 17

Sunday, August 28

Monday, September 12

Kingfisher (Brunch)
Sunday, September 18

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