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Food poisoning and food safety

food poisoning
what causes food poisoning?

Everyday there’s at least one and sometimes two or three food recalls.

Food recalls happen for any number of reasons — mislabeling of products by omitting to list an ingredient such as milk, whey, soy, peanuts or eggs. These ingredients are called allergens and if someone is allergic to milk and accidentally consumes it — they could get very sick.

Other reasons for food recalls have to do with food poisoning from E.coli, salmonella, and listeria to name the most common.

Food poisoning happens more frequently than food recalls. My neighbor had such an extreme bout of food poisoning that she stopped eating seafood in restaurants. Her husband ordered a chicken dish and he was fine but she ordered the fish tacos and ended up in the hospital with the life practically sucked out of her.

A good article about the 12 ways to get food poisoning recently found its way into my inbox.

Here are some thoughts:

Raw or undercooked food – rare steak, runny eggs, some raw vegetables

Food that is not stored at the proper temperature

Letting foods sit out

Not washing hands while eating or preparing food

Contamination of other food by touching raw meat

Eating raw shellfish…what do you mean beware of oysters?

These are six ways to get food poisoning. Here are six more

Have you ever suffered food poisoning?

How did it happen?


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