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Food Product Review: Honest Ade (lemonade)

Honest Ade is from the people who bring us Honest Tea.

Honest Ade is zero calories – a classic lemonade — an organic thirst quencher according to the label.

Here’s an honest opinion about Honest Ade — it was too sweet for me. I like my lemonade to be a tad more pucker-ish. I like to drink the bite of a tart lemon. Honest Ade uses organic stevia, a leafy plant that provides natural zero-calorie sweetness.  However, unlike Splenda which I think has a cloyingly chemical aftertaste, stevia did not.

If you like lemonade without the calories, then give Honest Ade a try.

The philosophy of Honest Tea seeks to provide bottled tea that tastes like freshly-brewed tea that is barely sweetened (for the teas that have sugar). Their mission is to provide better-tasting, healthier teas the way nature and their cultures of
origin intended them to be.

Unlike the sweetened tea drinks made from concentrate or powder which have dominated the bottled tea market, Honest Tea is brewed with loose leaf tea and then barely sweetened with pure cane sugar or honey.

Honest Tea has captured the upscale health conscious market that tired of Snapple and overpriced blah bottled water. Don’t even think of asking me to review vitamin water. To me, that’s a major ripoff.

Behind Honest Tea’s success are Harvard and Yale graduates radiating marketing genius. Read their 1998-1999 business plan and enjoy. Thirsty?


  1. I was looking for a natural fruit punch for a wedding shower coming
    up. I bought the Honest Ade Lemonade and drank half. Then I took
    some (not from concentrate) natural Orange Juice and added it to the half full bottle and shook it. I loved the taste. So I drank half of
    my new concoction and added some Perrier sparkling water! I think
    I’ve got it ! Lovely taste!

  2. Worst lemonade I have ever tried. Sweetened with Stevia, which has a taste that reminded me of a strong medication I had to take while admitted at the hospital. Beware, truly disgusting.

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