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Restaurant Excess: Overrated Ingredients

Red Cooked Pork Belly in braising sauce
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Zagat just came out with a list of eight overrated ingredients that chefs use.

Here’s a few of their rants:

  • Bacon
  • Quinoa
  • Pork belly
  • Kobe beef
  • Truffle oil

Just curious — what ingredients whether on your restaurant plate or in your pantry, do you think is overrated?

Even though I love anything with blood orange including the whole fruit, I think it’s a bit pretentious because the blood orange season is so limited. Blood orange puree must be available year around. One of my favorite bartenders here in Tucson — Aaron at Hotel Congress — makes a mean margarita with blood orange foam.

And chefs — do you agree with the  Zagat ingredient rant?







  1. I agree with their comments on Kobe beef and truffle oil but disagree about the overrated-ness of bacon and quinoa. I agree that it’s a shame, in the case of the latter, that hype has caused financial hardships for Bolivian growers, but it is a wonderful grain alternative for those on restricted diets (or just looking for some variety).

    And seeing as I mix most of my drinks at home, I wasn’t even aware that hand-carved ice cubes had become a thing. A ridiculous thing, I’m thinking.

  2. Bacon? Food of the gods…they’re totally wrong on that one. And as far as ramps go….if you live in a big city you may find ramps but out here in the nederlands they’ve yet to make much of a showing.
    Often, too, Kobe listed on a menu is not really Kobe, so what’s their beef?

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