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My Precious Jack Russell Terrier

At school with me, a have a two year old Jack Russell Terrier. She is a wonderful dog and basically goes everywhere with me except for class and work. Her name is Precious and she is adorable.

So basically since she goes everywhere with me, including the sorority house, my friends like to give her people food as treats. I know this may sound strange but if you have a dog or have ever had a dog, you know that people can spoil them.

So Precious for being a dog is PICKY. If I was a dog and able to eat anything but the gross looking dog food, I would be happy but not her. It has been funny to see what my roommates and friends give her and see if she will eat it.

After about a year of observations, I have decided my dog is like a typically college girl watching her lifestyle…she tries to not eat a lot of carbohydrates.

I know this probably sounds dumb but my friends and I always joke about it because it is so true. She will eat almost anything BUT pasta, bread, etc.

I even took her to McDonald’s a couple of weeks ago to buy her a $1 hamburger as a treat and she ate the lettuce, tomato, pickles, onions, cheese and meat… but she would NOT eat the bread. It was hilarious.

So I know dogs are just dogs, but mine is a very interesting one watching her weight. lol

Torie Nicholas

  1. That is amusing! My dog, Hanna, would not eat anything green! And we tried everything. She would not even eat green jelly beans. Otherwise, she would eat everything in sight!

  2. Hi, I’ m looking for a good high quality dog food for my Jack Russell, any suggestions? Also just a little FYI , onions a poisonous for dogs. I’m sure the little bit on a Mc Ds hamburger won’t kill her, but I would try to avoid them generally. Also I’m pretty sure dogs are color blind.

  3. Chris
    What about Natural Balance? I feed that to my greyhound. They have different flavor combos. Jett eats white fish & sweet potato. My friend feeds her small dog Canidae.

    Right on — onions and dogs don’t mix.

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