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Tucson: World Record- Longest Cheesesteak – 426 feet

Cheez Whiz
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Frankie and Deb Santos of Frankie’s Cheesesteaks with help from Albert Hall of Acacia Real Food made history on Saturday at the UA Mall:

World Record: Longest Cheesesteak – 426 feet

There were:

  • 5 grills,
  • 80 8-foot-tables,
  • one continuous length of bread,
  • 100 pounds of Cheez Whiz, and
  • 400 pounds of Certified Angus Beef!

The baker of the rolls was Eric Williamson of Frogs Organic Bakery on Oracle Road. The ingredients for the longest roll were:

  • 400 lbs of flour
  • 200 gals of water
  • 40 lbs of sugar
  • 7.5 gals oil
  • 4-5 lbs salt
  • 4-5 lbs yeast

The adventure was filmed by the Food Network and will run on Outrageous Foods sometime this spring.

Congratulations to Frankie and Deb Santos and Albert Hall!

Photos will soon be posted on Frankie’s Facebook page You can learn more about the fabulous Frankie’s Cheesesteaks & Hoagies here.

Frankie’s Cheesesteaks and Acacia Tucson are members of the Tucson Originals.

Read more about the actual work under the hot sun.

  1. It sure was a fun day.
    For awhile there it looked like they wouldn’t make it but perseverance and good old American know-how got it done!
    Go Frankie, Deb and Albert!

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