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salmon with grilled mushrooms and green beans

As discussed previously, I was at a two day networking and interview event this past Wednesday and Thursday. With this wonderful opportunity for a potential summer internship, the company gave me all the means to be successful during those two days.

First, they offered to pay for everyone’s gas and transportation throughout the trip. On top of this, they booked every interviewee a hotel room for his/her comfort. On top of everything, PNC gave me a $30 allowance per day for meals.

The meals part to me really made the difference. I know a meal allowance makes sense if you are an employee, but before you even get brought in, they truly care and value your success.

For the food allowance, it was a very nice added touch because I am in college and on a tight budget. Since I had to stay at the hotel, I had no means of cooking and did not want to stop to get fast food along the way. The food allowance allowed me to order a healthier option at Damon’s and not have to worry about the price. For dinner, I was able to get grilled Salmon, fresh vegetables and rice all for only half of my daily allowance.

Again, this allowance for the interview super days was a huge help. Without the allowance, I would probably have stopped and spend $2 or $3 at a fast food restaurant to try and save money. Without a kitchen or grocery store nearby, that would have been my only option.

Torie Nicholas

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