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Does Tucson have the longest cheesesteak sandwich?

Philly cheesesteak
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Update: Yes! Frankie Santos of Frankie’s Cheesesteaks broke the Guinness Book of Records for making the longest cheesesteak. Congratulations to all the people involved and the volunteers. It was a hot, hot long day. Read about it on Facebook.


I just got back from the UA Mall between Campbell & Cherry Avenues.  Tables are laid end to end and what will hopefully be on those tables later today or tonight will be the world’s largest cheesesteak sandwich.

Today – April 2nd –  the temperature is supposed to 95 degrees.

It’s kind of surreal actually, a very hot surreal.

You gotta wonder how two of Tucson’s most fun food guys — Frankie Santos and Albert Hall — came up with the idea of making the world’s largest cheesesteak. Were they sober when they came up with the idea?  You know the male animal, someone has always got to prove they are the biggest or the best.

These hard working chefs plus Eric from Frogs Organic Bakery are working side by side along with a crew of mostly choreographed staff churning out what is hoped to be 1200 feet of cheesesteaks.

Here’s a photo from TucsonNotebook on Twitter. This might be 2-feet of roll.

First there’s the bread. Half baked rolls are being baked right before your eyes.  And then the grills will be fired up. The estimated time of completion was 4 p.m. but I think it will be more like 7:30 p.m.

Think about it — 1200 feet is almost one quarter of a mile.

After the record breaking sandwich is made, who will eat it?

I hope some of it gets donated to local soup kitchens but I don’t know if there is any health policy for that.

If you want to help and brag that you were part of this record-breaking, cheesesteak-making endeavor, go to the UA Mall and pitch in. I’m sure some of those volunteers need a break about now.

Frankie Santos owns Frankie’s Cheesesteaks located at 2574 N. Campbell Avenue.

Albert Hall owns Acacia Real Food & Cocktails located at 3001 E. Skyline Drive.




  1. What a blast! Frankie and Albert are two great guys and great additions to the tucson dining scene. I had a great time but boy, was hotter than blazes out there…the sun got me. Hope they reach their goal!

  2. This is from Frankie’s facebook page

    “after filming for 13 hours and many, many retakes, we ran out of daylight with our project…once dark we worked by the headlights…yes we did break a record!
    Knocked Philly’s world record of the largest cheesesteak of the charts with an amazing 426 feet!! Would have longer if people would not have eaten 60 feet of it before we finish…ed!!”

    That’s amazing. I wonder why initially they thought they had to do 1200 feet which would’ve been impossible.

    More Frankie:
    “I woke this morning feeling like I was in the ring with Mike Tyson for 13 hrs. Ha”


  3. The cheesesteaks were delicious and enjoyed by students and fans that stuck it ou with us after sunset. Salvation Army and Gospel Rescue Mission were the recipients of the balance of the cheesesteaks. They were yummy!

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