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PNC Networking Night

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Wednesday night, I had a wonderful opportunity to Network in Cleveland, OH with numerous PNC employees and students from across the United States. This event was put on by PNC in their final job interview Super Days in order to find the best of the best for Internships this summer as well as Full time employees for their exec program.

I was invited for the internship position and was very excited for the opportunity. Before the interviews on Thursday, we were allowed to Network Wednesday night to get to know everyone.

This event was very beneficial and it was enjoyable to get to talk to business professionals about their experiences within the company. Besides talking to the PNC employees, it was very interesting to get to talk to the other students and learn about their educational backgrounds. I had the pleasure of speaking to students from New York, Alabama, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and of course Ohio.

For the Networking event, the hotel we were staying in put together very nice appetizers and drinks. For the appetizers, they had chicken strips, crab cakes, spinach dip, shrimp cocktail, cheese, crackers and fruit. For the drinks, they had water, pop, juice, beer and wine.

Although the food looked great, I was more interested in the networking so I spent the majority of the three hours talking to everyone. I ended up having a plate of food in my hand most of the time, but since my focus was not on eating, never really got a chance to eat.

Other students however, as well as the employees, were taking the opportunity to eat a lot and enjoy the food. At the end, I did get a chance to try the food and it was amazing. The crab cakes were delicious and the spinach dip was amazing.

After this networking event, I truly value PNC as a company that cares about their employees and wants the best. This was shown with putting so much effort and excitement into the 2 day Super Day for interviews and networking.

Torie Nicholas

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