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Nutrition Nugget:
To Meat or
Not To Meat

I spoke at a Wellness gathering this past Friday evening. For the second time this year my presentation was interrupted by a person calling out, “Is this about being vegan?” My reply, “No, it is not.”

Just as I was about to resume the discussion, the second question hit, “Is this about being a vegetarian?” Again my reply, “No, it is not.”

Then the final question hit, “Well, are you?” My answer, “No I am not. Does that make a difference?” I suppose it did because the restless native settled down and became involved in the discussion.

While I am neither vegetarian nor vegan, there is a limit to the meat I will eat these days. I will not eat meat that comes from big business food suppliers. Is it because I’m a food snob? Absolutely not.

What we put into our mouths becomes a part of our bodies. It’s that simple.

Truth be told, I have a very vivid imagination. After watching the film, Food, Inc., I literally cannot imagine putting certain meats into my body ever again.

After seeing that documentary I lost my blissful ignorance, and once something like that is lost it is gone forever. I saw the reality of what those cows and chickens are fed, what they are injected with, how their natural growth is altered, the filth in which they are kept, and the amount of filth that is carried with them into our food supply. Frankly, my gag reflexes won’t allow me to swallow the results.

It’s about taking care to add an abundance of fruits and veggies to your diet daily whether you eat meat or not.

At ChooseHealth4Life, our presentations are about education. We help people to understand the reasons why disease is out of control in our country, the power raw fruits and vegetables have to neutralize many of our health problems, and what people can do to make sure their bodies are protected from the inside out.

Fruits and veggies cleanse, rebuild, heal and protect our cells. We need up to 13 servings a day to take care of our health, and we need a variety of types and colors. Unfortunately, the average American gets only three servings a day. Some get less.

The result is a major nutrition deficit that is linked to much of the illness and disease that is impacting peoples’ health today.

Our team is on a mission to turn the tides. We provide education and options so that each person we reach can more easily and effectively bridge the great nutritional divide that exists between what they do not get in their diets and what their bodies so desperately need to live “well”.

No, I am not vegan or vegetarian, but I do have a healthy appreciation for anyone who has made one of those choices. For myself, I still enjoy meat now and again, but I stick to free range meats that have been locally raised. At least I can visit those farms and be sure of what I am eating.

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