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We really do like veggies..

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I was hungry yesterday and wanted something for a snack, but didn’t have very many choices. After looking through my fridge and not finding much, I decided to make some broccoli.

Since I was in a hurry to go to my sorority house, I just decided to bring everything with me and cook it there.

All I did was boil the broccoli and then add 1 tablespoon of Kraft parmesan cheese, salt, pepper and garlic. I knew this snack would be very healthy because the broccoli was 20 calories for a serving and the parmesan cheese was 25 calories for a serving. So overall, my snack was 45 calories. I did not add any butter and you honestly could not even tell.

So, after I had made my snack and was sitting with my friends, they all wanted to try it because they thought it smelled good. Literally, every one of my friends who tried the broccoli loved it and wondered how I could make such a healthy snack taste good.

One of my friends won’t even eat vegetables at all and I made her like them. So needless to say, college students really do like vegetables…you just have to make them taste good.

From this broccoli lesson, I am going to start teaching my one good friend Amanda how to start cooking at all. She either eats out or eats frozen/canned food because she does not cook at all. Cooking for her is making macaroni and cheese, but after yesterday she realized that you can really make a lot of food taste good in a short amount of time. And the best part for her was that it was simple….

Torie Nicholas

  1. OK. Now tell me how you FELT after you ate the healthy snack. When I drink a glass of tomato juice or make broccoli, like you did, as a snack, I can actually feel the energy I get from it – like all the little vitamins and minerals pulsating in my blood. Honestly, it’s true.

    Compare that to a cookie made with white flour. I am still hungry and craving more 15 minutes later.

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