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Restaurant Nutrition for the Droid

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I recently got a Droid so I have been playing around with all the applications online. One very cool application I downloaded and found for free is called Restaurant Nutrition. In this application, you can literally look up any type of restaurant and go through the menu to see how much fat, calories, carbs, sugars, protein, etc. is in each menu item.

I thought this would be very useful to know, but I never knew how bad restaurants were. I always knew it was a lot healthier to cook and eat at home, but wow is there a huge difference.

For example, my friend went to Olive Garden the other day so I was looking up her meal to let her know how it ranked compared to other items.

She ended up getting a salad, breadstick and fettuccine alfredo. I knew instantly it had to be really high in fat because Alfredo is definitely NOT a healthy option, but I never knew how bad until looking.

The salad from olive garden with dressing is 26 grams of fat and 350 calories. Each breadstick is 2 grams of fat and 150 calories. For the pasta, it is almost 900 calories and 75 grams of fat. Now I know she didn’t eat this whole meal but still… just the pasta alone is way more fat than you are supposed to have in an entire day. And that was just one meal…

I am going to continue to use this application not only for fun but also to check menu items before going out to eat. One of my friends already told me she went to Chipotle and was glad I didn’t go with her because then with this application she would have felt bad about going out to eat there.lol

If you have a droid or i-phone, I would really suggest downloading this app. It comes in handy!

Torie Nicholas

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