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Nutrition Nugget:
Nature Trumps Genetics

Healthy greetings from my world of wellness! This is the first of many nuggets I plan to pass your way in the hopes of helping you to stay well, be well or get well. I’m on a mission to “pay forward” the gift of renewed health that was given to me, and my hope is to give this gift to as many people as I can in my lifetime.

Today I enjoy life as a Wellness Coach with a special focus on nutrition, but that hasn’t always been the case. I know firsthand what it means to struggle with health, but I also know those struggles don’t have to last a lifetime. Nor do genetics have to be a life sentence. Just because our parents, grandparents, great-grandparents (or a long lineage before them) may have suffered a similar health fate, we don’t have to own their fate. Perhaps we can break the cycle by changing the habits we learned from those who came before us.

The Power of Nutrition

When my health was plummeting, it suspiciously mirrored many of the ailments that run in my family. I thought the writing was on the wall … until I discovered the powerful healing abilities of fruits and vegetables.

My first introduction to the concept was when I started taking a fascinating whole food nutrition product called Juice Plus+. It is made from 17 fruits, veggies and grains that are grown with no pesticides or herbicides, harvested at the peak of ripeness, and flash dried to maintain the the vitamins, minerals, nutrients and enzymes our bodies so badly need. The resulting powders are then mixed to create whole food nutrition in capsule or gummy form. Almost sounds like space age food, doesn’t it?

Juice Plus+ doesn’t replace eating fruits and vegetables, but it does do a wonderful job of bridging the gap since most of our diets do not include the amount of servings and variety we need every day.

There is much healing that occurred in my body thanks to Juice Plus+, the most amazing of which is that I no longer struggle with the symptoms of hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) that had plagued me for 25 years. Other improvements included increased clarity of vision, no more bloating, renewed energy (goodbye chronic exhaustion), better memory, regularity, and no aches when the weather changes.

My experience propelled me to learn more about foods, our food industry, and the major part poor nutrition is playing in our society’s health problems. Step by step I began to change my approach to food and life. From there the rest is history.

Each and every day I continue to learn about the science of nutrition … what heals and protects our bodies … what harms and destroys our health … what’s reality and what’s long-standing myth.

Leave Genetics to Your Ancestors

Sure genetics may predispose us to poor health possibilities, but habits and choices provide the end result … quality living vs. chronic health struggles … for as long as we may live. I choose quality of life.

There is no doubt in my mind, nature trumps nurture. Why? Because I’m living proof. And because science is showing us that the phytonutrients found in raw fruits and vegetables can do extraordinary things inside our bodies to protect and defend our health.

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