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Family Dinners

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While on vacation in West Palm Beach, we stayed at my friend’s relative’s house. Besides them being wonderful hosts and very friendly, her aunt and uncle cooked dinner for us every night to have their traditional family dinners.

For these dinners, we would all help prepare the menu, set the table, cook and clean up. Besides it bringing back the memories of dinners at home, it was a great experience because we were able to get to know her aunt, uncle and cousin better.

It really warmed me up to their family and was an important part of every day. We always looked forward to the family dinner of the day where we would hear new fun stories and talk about our experiences.

You would have thought we had met before, but on this trip we were on big extended family. Everyone was so welcoming and it was a great experience.

I hope that if I ever have guests over the experience will be just as great and I can be that good of a guest.

Some of the meals we had at family dinner were lasagna, teriyaki chicken and veggies, burgers and roasted potatoes, and chicken with pasta. Everything of course was delicious and it also helped us from going out to eat every night and with cutting costs on the trip.

Torie Nicholas

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