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The Special K Challenge

Special K Multigrain Oats & Honey Cereal
Image by theimpulsivebuy via Flickr

I am going to try the Special K Challenge for the 2 week period and see what happens. If you follow this plan correctly, you are supposed to lose 6 pounds in 2 weeks. I am curious to see if this works because I have heard mixed responses about it, but we will see.

Time Period: I started this on Monday March 14th and it will run for 2 weeks

Why I am trying this: I am very busy and never have time to eat. I am constantly running around and when I finally have a chance to cook dinner, I am usually starving. This way, I will hope to get more balanced meals while giving me a chance to eat during the day.

Purpose: To see if this 2 week challenge actually works.

Constraints: For this diet, you can have cereal, a protein bar, or a special k shake 2 times a day. The third meal is a balanced meal (cook what you like). You can also have 2 Special K snacks a day which include the snack bars, crackers and protein water. The last things you can eat are fruits and vegetables.

Note: I have tried the Strawberry Protein shake already and it is NOT good at all; I had to choke it down. However, the chocolate protein bars are very good.

Problems Thus Far: If you only eat the 2 special k meals it is not enough food. You have to eat the snack bars, fruits and veggies. Being a poor college student, it cost me $25 for a week worth of Special K snack bars and protein bars. On top of this, I still have to pay for dinner every night (depending on what I cook) and fruits and vegetables. The fruits and vegetables this week have added up to at least $10, probably more. Basically, this is costing me $40 plus (more realistically $50) each week to do the challenge….not very budget conscious, especially when I usually spend $20-25 on groceries every two weeks. A lot more reasonable…

What are your thoughts on this Special K 2 week Challenge?

Torie Nicholas

  1. Special K is expensive as far as cereal goes. First of all you are so active why do you even need to lose weight? Secondly, drink lots of water (not diet soda) and don’t eat sugar or white flour or potato chips. You might lose the weight but it’s so extreme, you’ll gain it right back. Why do you have to lose it so fast?


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