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Spirit Airlines- When enough is enough…

Spirit pushback
Image by afagen via Flickr

I recently mentioned in earlier posts that I went on a trip to West Palm Beach last week. It was for my college spring break and I was meeting two of my friends down there that go to a different college than me. Since I was meeting them, I took a flight by myself. Spirit was the airline I chose because when I looked online it was the best price. I was very excited I found the fair for such a low price, but after experiencing the flight and food services, I now understand why.

First of all, I went to the airport to fly out and found out I had to pay $30 each way for my carry-on. I understand checking bags with a fee, but I have flown multiple airlines and I have NEVER had to pay a fee for my carry-on luggage.

Also, when we actually got on the flight it was expected to be almost a three hour flight so I expected a drink at least, maybe even a snack.NO. I received nothing and when I asked the flight attendant why no one would be getting drinks, she replied “It’s just another way we lower our costs”. I understand low costs are great, but when is it enough. I can safely say I have never been on a flight without at least a free soda and juice service EVER… until last week. I even asked if I could a cup of water and all they were allowed to offer me was an empty cup of ice. As far as the drinks and snacks, yes they did have them on the plane but for a large fee only payable by credit card to make it a paperless flight.

Overall, the flight was fine but in my opinion when you have to pay for your carry-on each way, your drinks and even a snack if you want one, the airlines have cut down a little too much.

Torie Nicholas

  1. I have never heard of Spirit Airlines. I would think their online ticket would’ve mentioned the carry on fee and no food or beverage. Very harsh.

  2. Nope… they did mention the carry-on fees on the site once you go looking deeper but i found nothing about no drinks or snacks on the website…

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