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Cooking Light Comfort Food Cookbook

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Comfort food.

Say the words in polite society and people smile pleasantly thinking about their favorite comfort foods.

Comfort food will never go out of style. While food trends come and go, comfort food is in it for the long haul. I think about comfort food more when the weather is cold or on a rainy day or when I recall coveted memories of happier times.

I was thrilled to receive an advance copy of the Cooking Light Comfort Food Cookbook, home cooked delicious classics made light. Although I haven’t had an opportunity to make any of the recipes, I did thoroughly drool over the photography and put post-it notes on the pages that will have my immediate attention after I go grocery shopping.

This book has more than 200 recipes for comfort foods with a lighter, more healthy touch.

For instance, there’s stuffed French toast which was 602 calories per serving but with the Light method is 340 calories per serving. In the traditional version, each serving has 27.3 grams of fat but with the Light recipe, now only has 11.3 grams of fat. Most likely whoever you’re feeding won’t know the difference, so feed them the lighter version.

Most of the recipes, quickly list what makes the recipe lighter. For instance, in the sweet potato & bacon hash, what makes it light is: using fat-free lower sodium chicken broth, using a minimal amount of salt, and using Canadian bacon which is a leaner choice than regular bacon. Some of the highlights include 5 ways with chili, 5 ways with French toast, 5 ways with pizza, 5 ways with fries, plus mouth-watering recipes like turkey reuben panini, easy meatless manicotti, Louisiana crab cakes with Creole tartar sauce, beef & Guiness stew, potato salad 101, bourbon baked beans, and more.

And yes, there are plenty of desserts –maple walnut apple crisp, red velvet cupcakes, old fashioned strawberry shortcake, classic pecan pie, and more, more, more. Yum!

You will not miss the fat or calories as recipes appear to be long on flavor.

Cooking Light Comfort Food Cookbook will be in bookstores as of March 1, 2011.

Each month nearly 12 million readers turn to Cooking Light for innovative recipes and fitness tips.

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