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What 10 states have the worst eating habits?

Cheetos are commonly considered a junk food.
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What 10 states have the worst eating habits?

Go ahead. Take some guesses in your head.

According to this article, data on poor eating habits and obesity are abundant and unusually well-researched. Congress funded a nationwide report which was called “Access to Affordable and Nutritious Food – Measuring and Understanding Food Deserts And Their Consequences.”

The report includes the number of households who do not have access to cars and probably find it difficult to go to grocery stores frequently. The USDA keeps statistics on concentration of grocery stores. The Census Bureau tracks fast food expenditures per capita. The US Department of Health and Human Services follows consumption of fruits and vegetables.
The 10 worst list made its state rankings based on grocery stores per 1,000 residents, amount spent on fast food per capita, gallons of soft drinks purchased per capita, and pounds of sweet snacks purchased per capita. Info was also provided about poverty levels, obesity, and other factors directly related to unhealthy diets.

The states with the worst eating habits are:

10. NM
9. Ariz.
8. Ohio
7. SD
6. Nev
5. Okla
4. KS
3. Mo.
2. Ala
1. Mi-ss-i-ss-i-pp-i

Source: 24/7 Wall St.

  1. Great information. We are all so busy, we tend to pop something in our mouths for a boost of energy before we have meals. Emotional eating goes with eating due to boredom and is a driving force in my bad habits.

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