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Coldstone New Yogurt Bar

Soft ice cream
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We all know Coldstone is delicious, but with the great taste also comes a lot of calories…. So it is a nice treat once in awhile but most consumers are aware of this and don’t go there all the time for ice cream. Coldstone has noticed this and wants to do something more for consumers to get noticed and get sales!

The company’s new idea is a soft serve yogurt bar. This bar will be features in the stores along with their regular ice cream. At this new bar, you will serve your own soft serve and add all the toppings you want. After your creation is complete, it is charged by the ounce of ice cream. Besides having the yogurt bar in regular stores, they are planning on having separate yogurt bars alone in places such as airports, shopping malls, ect. without the ice cream creations you think of when you think of Coldstone.

Coldstone is very excited for this new addition, but will customers be excited? Is Coldstone trying to do too much?

Watch this video and decide for yourself…

This video portrays the typical Coldstone atmosphere. Will the new creation change this for the better or the worst?

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