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Elephant Bar

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Over the weekend, my mom came to visit and we had a lot planned. Not only was it Mom’s day for the sorority, but we wanted to go shopping, check out the local market and also get a chance to go out to eat.

On Friday night after my mom arrived, we went out to dinner. She told me to pick anywhere I wanted, and so I decided on the Elephant Bar. I had been there a couple times before, but it was always a treat because it is more expensive than I usually spend in the dining area. Since we were going out to celebrate my mom being in town, we decided to invite my roommate Lauren as well and we headed off to the restaurant.

Since we had reservations, we were seated right when we walked in. This was very nice because there were probably twenty people or more in the waiting area waiting for a table but since we had planned ahead, we did not have to wait at all. After we got seated, we all ordered drinks and an appetizer before deciding on our entrees. My mom and Lauren ordered alcoholic drinks, but since I am still not 21, I just ordered a strawberry lemonade. For the appetizer, we ordered bruschetta. It came with tomatoes, guacamole, cheese and toasted pita chips. It was a lot different version than I had in the past, but it was still really good.

Once we finally decided on dinner after looking at the ten plus page menu, we all ordered different items. I ordered orange shrimp with rice and veggies. My mom ordered a tuna rice bowl with veggies and my friend Lauren ordered a chicken rice bowl. The the meals were amazing and the best part about mine was the price.

Usually my meal would have been $12.99 plus $4 for my side salad and $3 for my dessert. Instead, with the special coupon that was delivered to my house, I got the meal for $8.99 and the salad and dessert together for $3. Besides the fact that I saved $8 just on my meal alone, it was well worth it and I had tons of leftovers. By the time I got to my main course, I only was able to eat a couple pieces of shrimp and I took the rest home. 🙂

I would recommend this restaurant, The Elephant Bar, to anyone and I am so glad there is one close to me in Toledo, OH.

Torie Nicholas

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