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Do coupons influence your purchase?

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Something to think about…. Would you go to a store just because you have a coupon?

For me, the answer is usually yes but it all depends on the deal. I am not willing to try something new that isn’t that special unless I have a coupon worth it. For example, the first time I tried The Elephant Bar (roughly a year ago) I had a coupon for a full 3 course entree for $10. That was a big enough encouragement for me to try it.

Other times where this happens is when I have a $1 off or $2 off for a type of new product or food item. Yes I am usually willing to try the new food product because I am saving 25% to 50% off. On the other hand, if the coupon was to save 10 cents off, I would def. not buy it.

So I am wondering what is your point that a coupon really works and encourages you to go and try the product!

I am wondering this because we are doing a research project on Kroger revamping their coupon site to make it easier and more user friendly to go online, find the coupons you need, and print them off before you go into the store. For some people, this will work and is a great idea. But for others who could care less about coupons, it really doesn’t do much.

Please give me your thoughts. I am curious to know…

Torie Nicholas

  1. Yes they sometimes influence my purchases – I will use them on things I am going to buy anyway – always comparing the coupon price to the “house” brand I would normally buy – not always a savings! And coupons will entice me to try a new product.
    Coupons for restaurants are always good – though again, compare to what you were going to purchase anyway! If it entices me to buy more than I would normally eat, then I probably don’t use it.

  2. I recently signed up for Groupon and my first purchase was about the 4th or 5th offer that was presented – I ended up buying a haircut (50% off) to a place that I had been wanting to try anyway. I am looking forward to it.

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