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Valentine’s Day Traditions

Cake on Valentine's Day
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Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!  Today is a very special day where you can show your loved one how much you care! Some people make it a big deal, others don’t.

For my boyfriend and I, we usually go out to dinner and give each other gifts. But this year, it was different. We both decided ahead of time we were going to save our money and just enjoy each others company. It still turned out to be a great time and saved us a lot of money overall.

The most common is to give your girlfriend/wife flowers, chocolate and a nice dinner out. But what are some non traditional ones??….

The people I babysit are Jewish and one of their traditions is to cook a huge roast on Valentine’s Day. It smelled amazing earlier but I had never heard of this.

What are some of your Valentine’s Day Traditions???

Torie Nicholas

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