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Tucson: Discovery Channel films at Frank’s Restaurant – Feb. 5

will be on "Road Eats"

Tucson — The Discovery Channel’s “Road Eats” is coming to Tucson on February 5 and will spend a mighty long time (7 a.m. to 4 p.m.) at Frank’s Restaurant.

Waitress and personality-plus Candace Ann let us know here at Circle of Food what was on the menu.

When I asked Candace, “Why Frank’s?” She said, “Why not?”

She said that through word of mouth, the legend of Candace Ann has traveled far and wide. For insiders, she’s known as the “food goddess” and if she likes the customers, she abuses them, and if she doesn’t — she hopes you hurry up and eat and vacate your seat.

Candace who has worked at Frank’s for 28 of its 30 years, says all the folks who work there are great people and puts a word in for Pam as nice and Jackie as beautiful and funny.

Frank’s is known for bountiful breakfasts. At night, Frank’s turns into Francisco’s for dinner; sort of like a gender bender switch from breakfast to authentic Michoacan-style Mexican food.

You’re invited to stop by, eat, and maybe get your mug on the segment which will air in July.  Frank’s is located at 3843 E. Pima Street and is locally owned by Mark Smith and Deb Richards.

  1. Lara
    Thanks for the link.
    Last week when I talked to Candace Ann she didn’t know when the show would be on but maybe with the coming attractions — soon.

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