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Super Bowl XLV- What is America eating? Wings?

080627 primanti sandwich
Image by Dan4th via Flickr

This info is according to allmenus.com

Pittsburgh is ordering wings, Arlington is ordering wings, even the small city of Green Bay is ordering wings.

During last year’s Super Bowl nearly 4,000 orders for wings were placed nationally.  About 300 Pittsburgh Steeler fans and 100 Green Bay Packer fans were ordering wings last year, according to recent data pulled from Allmenus.com.

Allmenus.com features over 250,000 menus from a variety of restaurants across the country.

Other than wings, top ordered items that have been ordered on Super Bowl Sunday include:

* Pizza
* Sandwiches
* Calzones
* French Fries
* Salads

Now if I lived in Pittsburgh, I would either order sandwiches made from Primanti Brothers or try to replicate them. Years, ago I was watching the Food Network and saw a segment for a Primanti Brothers sandwich. The next and last time I flew into the Pittsburgh airport and met my brother who also flew into the Pittsburgh airport, I made him find us a Primanti Brothers restaurant on our way to Ohio.

He found. We supped. It was delicious. One of my most favorite sandwiches — EVER!

Now if I were a Green Bay fan, I would make a big old cheese fondue and dip bread and vegetables into it or make delicious grilled cheese sandwiches or better yet grilled cheese sliders and a big pot of hearty tomato soup.

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