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Alpha Chi Omega Etiquette Dinner

Alpha Chi Omega
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Over the weekend, I went to Leadership Academy for Alpha Chi Omega. Over 400 woman in the sorority from around the United States were there to learn how to become better leaders on their campus. I was given the honor to attend since I am currently president of my chapter, but the risk management of each chapter was also invited.

This was a long packed weekend full of leadership and fun in Indianapolis. It started Friday night and went until Sunday morning.

On Saturday night, we had a very special dinner. After learning in the afternoon about how to dress professionally, what to wear and etiquette, we were all sat down for a 5 course meal and taught etiquette. It was a very neat experience because I had never done anything like it. Although I already knew a lot of what to do, it was a great experience and a lot of fun!

For dinner, we had a salad, bread, coated chicken, rice and veggies, a banana split cake dessert and coffee. The meal really was amazing. They had everything for the meal including a wonderful wait staff to serve us and even a nice menu typed up for the meal.

I learned a lot from the meal! Here are some of the etiquette tips…

1. BMW- bread plate on your left. Meal plate in the middle. Water glass on your right. This will always help you remember what is yours.

2. Do not cut the bread. Break the roll into small pieces and butter each piece separate.

3. Pass all items on the table to your right except the bread.

4. For the bread, offer it to the person on your left, then take a piece, then pass it to your right.

5. You do not start eating until the host starts eating.

6. Place your silverware at 4 and 10 o’clock so the wait staff knows you are finished.

7. Do not cut all your chicken or main course at once. Cut as you eat.

8. Turn the coffee cup over on the table if you do not want any.

Hope this helps!!! It really was a fun experience to do with 400 other Alpha Chi’s!

Torie Nicholas

  1. I learned many of these tips through Girl Scouts – although I am embarrassed to say I’ve been passing the food in the wrong direction all this time!

    Another tip I learned was how to drink a beverage with a straw – such as lemonade or iced tea. It is acceptable to use a straw, but you must always pick up the glass to drink through the straw — do not lean over and sip through the straw while the glass is still on the table!

    Now, with your newly found awareness, you’ll observe people while they are eating and notice things that you did not see before.

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