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Tucson Restaurant Radio Follow Up

Matt Russell live!

I was a co-host today for On the Menu Live! with host Matt Russell. Click on the above link and listen to the show!

What a blast!

I think I have a real knack for radio.

The dude in the  photo is Matt Russell and for people reading this who don’t live in Tucson, those beautiful mountains in the background are the Catalina Mountains.

Matt makes it look easy but he is constantly looking at the clock and has done his homework in every sense of the word.

If you missed it live, it will be on again this Saturday (January 29 at noon). I will have to listen to hear what I sound like on KJLL. (live streaming)

My good friend Rita Connelly from the Tucson Weekly was also an in–studio guest and talked about restaurant reviewing and up and coming Tucson chefs.

Yvonne Foucher, the wine goddess from CataVinos Wine Shoppe called in to describe the Wine of the Week — I can’t read my notes as to its name but it was a 2008 old-world style Cabernet Sauvignon from Spain with lots of red fruit character. She did such a great job of describing it that I wondered why we weren’t tasting wine in the studio. If you live in Tucson, you can taste it at the Friday & Saturday wine tastings this week or drop into the shoppe anytime.

However, we were drinking Tsingtao beer courtesy of Kirk Jensen, aka the Tailgate Titan, a frequent co-host who just happened to drop by with a six-pack of warm Chinese beer.

We also sampled five-spice shrimp courtesy of Chef Darryl Wong from Lotus Garden. The dish was gluten-free with not over-powering spice and the most tender green beans and cabbage. Open since 1968, Lotus Garden specializes in Cantonese and Szechuan dishes.

Chef Wong also talked about Chinese New Year — Year of the Rabbit on Feb. 3. You can enjoy an 8-course dinner for $30 or add wine pairing for a total of $50/person.

While I knew about Chinese New Year, I did not know about Chinese Lantern Festival. This sounds really cool — as a way to honor loved ones who have passed away. Not only will you have a sumptuous dinner but will also have an opportunity to create an origami boat lantern to float in the restaurant’s water garden. It’s a pleasing vision.

Chuck Aubrey, producer

This handsome guy below is Chuck Aubrey, producer. He makes the show run flawlessly without technical hiccups.

  1. I had a blast too!

    Matt was so accomodating. He made us feel right at home. And the shrimp was fantastic. Let’s do it again

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