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Tucson restaurant: Happy hour at the new Acacia

Sonoran pups at Acacia happy hour

Tucson Happy Hour at Acacia

I went to the new location of Acacia in the foothills. Previously, I had wondered if it was a good move but I can wonder no more – it’s a great move.

Acacia moved from St. Philip’s Plaza to where the former Sur Real, and before that, Soleil was on the NE corner of Skyline and Campbell. That corner encompasses Tavolino & Shlomo & Vito’s to the southwest, La Encantada’s many restaurants to the northwest, Fleming’s Steak and Jasper’s Cafe on the southeast and now Acacia and art galleries across the street.

Acacia now has the tag line – real food & cocktails.

It’s one heck of a foodie intersection. If you can’t find anything to eat here, go home and cook.

If you remember the décor of Sur Real it was wildly colorful. I liked it but people who had a penchant for neutrals went mad.  Acacia has kept some color but toned down much. It works.

Happy hour is my favorite meal of the day so when I heard they had $5 margaritas and lots of food specials, my happy hour friends and I went. There were three of us and then one gal joined in later. We ordered and shared the Sonoran pups, an amazing hamburger, beaucoup crab and artichoke dip with baguette slices, and fried fish.

The Sonoran pups were smaller than hot dogs but with topping similar to the Sonoran dog; they came two to a basket for $3. Rather than make an investment in eating an entire hot dog, I like the downsizing of it.

Judy ordered a hamburger (with fries no less) which ended up being juicy and meaty and could easily have been the entire meal ($8).

The crab & artichoke dip, once again, was plentiful and hot (temp-wise) for dipping the baguette. I would even like to dip some vegetables because we seemed to have a lot of bread. ($6.50).

Another table of friends nearby raved about the Thai chicken dumplings and grilled meat on a stick.

As happy hour came and went, people flowed in.  Chef Albert Hall walked around talking to people. I think that’s so important for a locally-owned restaurant to greet the diners and inquire how everything is. We were thrilled that the joint seemed to be jumping and almost pulsating with good energy. I remarked to my friends that it was a good thing we didn’t try to come during the Gem Show.

The $5 margarita did not disappoint.

The new location is 3001 E. Skyline Drive; 520-232-0101.

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