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Four Loko’s

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Have they been banned near you???…..

Recently in Ohio they were removed from all grocery stores, convenience stores and gas stations because of all the trouble they were causing.

For those of you who don’t know what this is, this is an alcoholic energy drink that is VERY VERY bad for consumption. The biggest problem with it is that it is an energy drink and alcohol all in one. This sends mixed signals to your body and can causes serious problems.

I know at my campus they were a big deal. Lots of people I knew drank these and loved them because it could quote “get you drunk cheap”.

This drink is 12% alcohol and only costs $2.

Finally, Ohio decided to outlaw them and people went crazy. I even heard stories of students on campus going out to stock up on all the leftovers before they were gone..

Well guess what?… They are back in Ohio but without the energy drink. I guess it is better because it is not AS bad for you, but it still has a very high alcohol level.

People drink these without realizing what they are and it can cause problems. It has been reported than students have been blacking out, throwing up and not remembering there night from these. All bad news!!!

So now hopefully these news one are taken more seriously. Just remember to be more careful when drinking these!

For example, my boyfriend has drank one before. He is over 200 pounds, a male and got drunk off of ONE. Now, imagine a young woman who weights 120 lbs. drinking the same thing….

Also, although Four Loko’s were the most popular drink out of them all, there are still other options for similar energy alcohol drinks such as Sparks and Joose.  Be careful!!!

Torie Nicholas

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