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National Pie Day – January 23

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National Pie Day – January 23

Is pie the new cupcake? According to the American Pie Council — yes. Shhh, don’t tell that to all the cupcake stores.

I like cupcakes because they are perfect examples of portion control.

As for pies, unless I can buy a slice, it’s often dangerous to have leftover pie in my house. In my younger and thinner days, I have eaten an entire Sarah Lee pie — sliver by sliver over the course of an evening. Then I moaned: I can’t believe I ate the whole thing. I know for a fact others who have confided in similar pie orgies.

My maternal grandmother made the best apple pie. I watched her make it without a recipe through the years and have never been able to recreate it. Nor have I ever found a pie as delicious. Of course, memories could overlap the pie experience making it impossible to ever find a pie as perfect as my bubby’s.

Here’s a video to learn how to make a pie crust which is often intimidating as hell.

And here’s an article about pie being the new cupcake.

Here’s a pie festival in Pie Town, New Mexico.

What’s your favorite kind of pie and why?

  1. I’m now dreaming of strawberry rhubarb pie. It’s hard to imagine why. I don’t even like fruit desserts for the most part, but that pie….

    I used to cut class in Brooklyn College to go to the local coffee shop for banana cream pie. Zinburger has a version is as good as the one I remember from those days.

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