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Fast Food… One step in the right direction

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Fast Food… I am done!

Being in college, I am always on the run and barley have time to eat. I go from work to class to meetings ect…. and it is hard to find time to cook great food.

I have never liked fast food and I barley ever get it, but it does happen every once in awhile out of convenience.

It started as a once a semester thing and progressed from there. I still was never eating a lot of fast food. At most it would be a couple times a month, but still I was getting sick of it. So for the new year, I decided to be done with fast food once and for all.

Not because it was a problem, but because I do not need it and if I make a stand to say NO to everything, I make better decisions.

Now if my friends invite me to get a quick burger or something out, I refuse because I am not eating it.

Overall, I have enjoyed this choice a lot and it has made me eat more healthier snacks instead of getting a quick bite to eat on the way to something.

This is my new healthy choice :)))

What is something small you have done to make a step to a healthier life…?

Torie Nicholas

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