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Famous Daves

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As a tradition in my sorority, we always get a group of girls together and go out to dinner for a sister’s birthday. Well today is my little sister Kelsey’s birthday in the sorority so we are going to Famous Daves in Toledo, OH.

I have only been there once before because it is pricey, but it is a nice barbeque place.

My favorite meal is the early bird special. If you go before 4pm, you can get a combo for $8. This combo includes any two meat choices, two sides and cornbread. It is a wonderful value because after 4pm, it jumps up to $13.99. The only problem with the combo is the SIZE. This meal is way too much food for one person and I took about half of it home last time.

Other great items they have here are salads, burgers, BBQ sandwiches and famous ribs!

It’s also fun to go there and try out all their sauces. They recommend each sauce with different items and I have my favorite one 🙂

Another cool thing about going here is that two of my friends work here! If there is a Famous Dave’s near you, I suggest you go check it out!

Torie Nicholas

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