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Coke Vs. Pepsi

Diet Coke with Lime
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Coke or Pepsi??…This has been a long going debate between people for years…which is better!!!

In my opinion, Coke is by far the only way to go! And not even coke, just DIET COKE!! (diet coke with lime is my favorite).

It is funny because when it comes to pop, there is a strong brand loyalty behind the choice. Either coke or pepsi, not both.

In my sorority, most of the people love Coke, but there are a few that will only drink Pepsi. For example, my roomate last year only would drink Pepsi unless she was dying for pop. In those few instances when she was out, she would ask me for a pop even though she knew I only had Coke.

Besides it being a big deal between my friends and I, I also noticed this at work. Three of the ladies I work with love diet coke and will specifically leave work just to go get a cold diet coke. The only lady only goes to McDonald’s because she knows they will always have her diet coke.

Luckily I don’t drink a lot of pop, but being on a campus with Pepsi products def makes it harder to get my diet coke every once in awhile….

So, What’s your vote in this debate…..  COKE OR PEPSI???

Torie Nicholas

  1. I don’t consume soda or pop at home anymore.

    At my age, carbonation is bad for the bones. Carbonation depletes calcium.

    Occasionally, I will drink a diet coke or pepsi (can’t tell the difference) at a restaurant but usually choose non-sweetened iced tea instead.

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