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Tucson restaurants: Is there no such thing as bad publicity?

Letsatsi, the White lion. (Son of Temba)
Image by Arno & Louise Wildlife via Flickr

Tucson: Is there no such thing as bad publicity?

Update a/o Jan. 25 – Boca changes its mind about serving lion meat.

According to Wikipedia, it might seem contradictory that any kind of success might follow from scandal: but scandal attracts attention, and this attention (whether gossip or bad press or any other kind) is sometimes the beginning of notoriety and/or other successes.

Is success by scandal acceptable as part of our modern culture?

Last month, an L.A. restaurant revealed the identity of an L.A. Times food critic and refused to serve her. This stunt put the new restaurant on the map. But did it hurt or help its business long-term?

Here in Tucson, a restaurant is being slammed for its own outrageousness.

Take for instance, a local taco restaurant called Boca. Boca means mouth in Spanish. Boca’s logo is a seductively lipsticked mouth. It’s clever and eye catching. Many of my friends have their favorite Boca tacos and I have recommended the joint on more than one occasion.

According to this article, Boca wants to stand out and so it has — but the question rears its ugly head — if there no such thing as bad publicity?

Boca plans to serve lion meat tacos on exotic taco night next Wednesday. In the past they have served alligator, duck, elk meat.

Bad news travels fast and once again people are outraged as Tucson lines up for another black eye.

Asian countries eat dogs and cats.

Japan and Europe eats horse meat.

Will Tucsonans eat the Lion King?

Time will tell if lion meat exotic tacos helps or hurts Boca’s business.

As for me, I think it’s repulsive.

What do you think?

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