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Denny’s 2 4 6 8

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Since I am in college, everything I do is on a budget. I am always looking for new deals, coupons and savings to conserve my limited budget.

I don’t go out to eat that much because it gets expensive, but it every once in awhile I treat myself and enjoy a nice meal without the work of cooking. Yesterday, my boyfriend suggested going to Denny’s, a restaurant I haven’t been to in years. Usually when I treat myself, I go to unique restaurants with a cool theme or exotic food I can not cook myself. Denny’s is obviously not this type of place, but I decided to give it a chance and go check it out with my boyfriend Erik.

I have driven by the restaurant multiple times over break and kept seeing the sign 2 4 6 8 but figured it could not be worth it. Come on.. who can get a meal at a sit down restaurant for 2 or 4 dollars. You can’t even get fast food that cheap… so of course I was skeptical and never checked it out.

So yesterday I’m sitting in Denny’s looking at the menu and of course the 2 4 6 8 specials. After I looked at these specials, I could not believe it. It was true… you could get a meal from them for $2 or $4.

On the $2 section, they offered a cheese quesadilla, breakfast meal, pancakes, or even a piece of pie.

On the $4 section, they offer grilled cheese and fries, unlimited pancakes, a buffalo chicken wrap or even a huge breakfast with all the sides.

I was not as interested in the $6 and $8 sections because why pay double the price for a meal when I was fine with something from the $4 section. Most of the choices off this menu were full dinner entrees like burgers, gourmet sandwiches and more.

All in all, the service was wonderful and the food was pretty good. It wasn’t the best I’ve even had, but come on, it’s Denny’s. At the end of lunch, my boyfriend and I ended up spending $10 and I had food leftover to bring home.

I never thought I would be saying Denny’s was a great meal or that it was worth the price, but it really was. I was impressed.

Torie Nicholas

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