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Smokey Bones

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The past two days, my friends and I decided to make a trip down to Columbus for some fun shopping! My friend Amanda and I drove down there together, and we met 5 other people from the Columbus area. We went shopping at Easton and Polaris between the two days and it was a blast!

On the first day, we were looking for a place to eat and it was overwhelming. There are so many restaurants in Columbus and having 7 girls all agree on one place gets very difficult. One of my friends really wanted sushi, one didn’t, one really wanted American, one really wanted to try a new restaurant, etc… It was a mess.

So finally one of my friends suggested Smokey Bones. I had been there one time before in Toledo and enjoyed it so I was looking forward to going back. We got to the restaurant at 5 and since I had not eaten all day, I was going to order an appetizer to start before we ordered dinner.

To my surprise, the appetizers were half off until 6, which made it very nice for my bill. Since I found out the appetizers were half off, I decided just to order 2 of them in place of my meal. I ordered cheese fries and mini BBQ sandwiches. It definitely wasn’t the healthiest meal, but it was a nice treat and I ended up walking out with a bill of only $7. That is really not too bad considering  it is a BBQ restaurant.

I really did enjoy this meal as much as the first time and I would recommend this restaurant to anyone. The only reason I went the first time in Toledo was because my boyfriend and I had a $10 off coupon for there.

Besides the great food, they have a very cool atmosphere. There are leather couches while you wait, a wood burning fireplace, and great music playing.

Go and check it out!

Torie Nicholas

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