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I’ll be home for Christmas…

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The past two weeks, I have been home for the holidays. It has been very nice to see everyone, but it also throws off my daily routine.

Usually, I am in charge of everything, have a set busy schedule to follow, and barley have time for meals. Now that I am home, it is so different. I still have been working part time over break, but besides that, my break is pretty free.

Most people who come home from breaks enjoy the time without preparing meals. Personally I miss cooking. Although I am super busy as school, I still love making creative meals to enjoy. I do have to say that the nice part about eating at home is the gourmet meals. My mom always cooks great meals and usually uses food I would not be able to afford to cook at school.

So far since I’ve been home, we have had blackened salmon, chicken picatta, steaks, sauteed shrimp, and more.

I would love to cook at this at school but it is just not practical. Usually I cook simple pasta dishes, have a lot of simple sandwiches and lots of fruits and vegetables.

The interesting thing about my break is working out. I have been not working out very much over break, even though I have plenty of time too. But when I am at school, although I am very busy, I make sure to fit it into my schedule. Basically, over this break, I have learned I am more productive the busier I am. Crazy I know, but for me it is true.

Torie Nicholas

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