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Jewish Tradition: Chinese Food on Christmas

Not everyone celebrates Christmas. Being a cultural Jew, I find myself in a packed movie theater with others who don’t celebrate Christmas. It’s tradition.Le chaim to beer and popcorn!

When you’re in a major metropolis city, there are many options for not celebrating Christmas. According to my friend Marianne, when she lived in Chicago, bowling alleys were open so Asians and Jews could strike out.

When I first moved to Tucson 10 years ago, the only restaurants not serving big lavish holiday dinners were Fridays and Seri Melaka. Now many Chinese restaurants and Indian restaurants and Fridays are open and very crowded.

This year I think I’ll make a  spicy Peruvian chicken & rice soup and invite a snowbird friend. We can walk our dogs but mostly I’ll be trying to catch up on work that is due by month end. Because Christmas is low key for me, I decided to offer holiday foster respite to anyone who was going out of town and not taking their foster greyhound. I have Carter and he is one cool greyhound and such a good dog.

What do you do on December 25?

  1. I provide a Christmas free zone for anyone who wants to escape the stresses of spending the holiday with their family. Today a friend who does celebrate Christmas — but tolerates my heathen ways — is coming over and I’m bringing in Indian food from Shere Punjab, my favorite Indian restaurant.

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