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Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

 This is a Christmas tradition my friends and I have been doing for a couple years. Since we all go to different colleges and never get to see each other, we do this once a year to get together, have some good food and talk.

This year, I came to my friend Laura’s house early to help her set up. She was planning on making appetizers and drinks but it turned out to be a lot more than that.

For the appetizers, she made buffalo chicken dip, artichoke dip, quesadilla rolls, spanakopita, cheese and crackers, and also had cookies for dessert. The food was wonderful and I was very impressed with the buffalo  chicken dip. It was something I never had before, but it was really good.

Besides all the wonderful food, Laura was a great party host. She kept getting more food and drinks for everyone and was very nice about everything. Her family was even helping out.

This party is great each and every year but the food this year was top notch! I LOVE the holidays for these types of get togethers:)

Torie Nicholas

  1. Torie
    Just curious…where does the ugly sweater part come in or was that just a clever title to make everyone read it?

    I love the idea especially since it’s hard to get to see everyone.

  2. I saw a post about “ugly Christmas sweaters” in the WSJ the other day. They reported that this is a very hot “search term” that consumers are using to find gaudy, over-embellished holiday sweaters for events such as yours.

    I love the idea of the theme! Personally, I don’t own one of these sweaters because that is not my style, but I can see turning it into a fun event. I’d even go buy one to participate.

  3. The ugly christmas sweater party is what it is called. I don’t know where that got started, but it is very popular to have them in my generation.
    It was a lot of fun and I actually borrowed one of my mom’s sweaters. Ours wern’t that bad, but the object is to wear the most outrageous and ugly outfit possible.
    You can’t tell from the picture but I had socks tucked into my leggings.

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