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Christmas Dinner

christmas dinner
Image by dane brian via Flickr

I can not believe Christmas is tomorrow. I feel like I just finished my exams and got a break from my stressful college life, but here it is! Although it came fast, I am happy it is here because it means spending quality time with family and friends.

This post I am writing is about Christmas dinner because I know my family is weird, but even so, not all my friends eat the same things anymore for Christmas dinner. In the past, when I use to think of a traditional Christmas dinner, I would think of ham and all the trimmings. Now, my thoughts have changed.

I talked to a couple friends this year who said they do Christmas Dinner as a second thanksgiving and have the turkey and everything. I also talked to one of my friends having a traditional ham I think of. But what about everyone else?

My family has always done things different. I remember one Christmas dinner we had chicken Alfredo and Caesar salad. Very different..i know, but it was still amazing. This year, we are having a special type of pasta my grandma makes. We always have “different” dinners because my brother and mom are very picky about what they like. This does not bother me, but other people find it very strange.

So what are your big plans for Christmas dinner? I’m sure they can’t be any weirder than ours…

Torie Nicholas

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