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Product Review: Blackstone Wine, Women, Riedel Glassware

For cabernet sauvignon lovers

Liquid Assets: Blackstone Wine, Women, and Riedel Glassware

When a PR firm sends me wine – what do I do? Have a wine tasting!

I invited four gal pals to partake in the grape. I asked them each to bring food to pair with red wine.

Blackstone winery is a Sonoma County based winery which sources grapes  from the premier growing regions throughout California, each grape is carefully selected to contribute certain nuances to the final blend.

We drank the wine in this order – pinot noir, merlot, cabernet sauvignon, and rubric.

For the food we paired popcorn, assorted cheeses, speck, grapes, savory nuts, the easiest appetizer ever – quince paste and Manchego cheese on crackers, creamy mushroom risotto, and pieces of a dark chocolate candy bar.

Everyone had tasting sheets. Amazingly we all ranked the cabernet sauvignon number one. I am not a fan of cab so even I was surprised.

Some of the comments were: rich and fruity, blackberry/raspberry long smooth finish, very nice; earthy and smooth; good nose and full body; nice mild taste.

According to Blackstone, the Sonoma Reserve cabernet sauvignon 2007 displays a beautiful aromatic nose of baking spices, toasted oak, and chocolate. A hint of subtle cherry makes way for powerful flavors of plum and currant on the palate. The grapes are a combination of 87% cabernet sauvignon, 7% cabernet franc, 4% petite verdot, and 2% malbec.

Tasting notes recommended serving this wine with duck, wild game, or dishes with mushrooms; hence, the mushroom risotto.

Suggested retail price – $20

I was curious about the Sonoma Reserve rubric 2007. Rubric pays homage to the tradition of red wine making at Blackstone. It’s a Meritage-style cabernet based blend with a twist that includes a host of other Sonoma-grown varietals comprised of 55% cabernet sauvignon, 14% malbec, 8% cabernet franc, 8% petit verdot, 7% tannat, 5% merlot, and 3% petit syrah.

We thought rubric was almost black in color, smelled like dried cherries, tasted acidic, spicy, and a hint of oregano. Two of us like Rubric but the jury was hung overall.

Blackstone defined rubric as exhibiting aromas of cherry, anise, dried herbs (there’s the oregano!), and tobacco on the nose intertwining with flavors of blackberry pie and caramel.  Lamb steaks with potatoes, beef carpaccio, and cheddar cheese potatoes au gratin are to be paired with rubric.

SRP – $22

As for the glassware, splurge a little and  switch to Riedel glassware specifically made to savor the grape. If you drink wine, I suggest investing in good glassware. Unlike a good restaurant that has a different type of glass for red or white or even different reds, buy a one size fits all Riedel glass and enjoy.

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