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Not a Very Healthly Campus…

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The University of Toledo is a great place to go to school. I love how beautiful the campus is, love most of my teachers and get to enjoy a wonderful new business school on campus. Fortunately, I do not have to eat on campus now that I live off campus. I enjoyed the food my freshman year and it was very convenient, but after looking into UTs dining options, you will understand why freshman typically gain weight their first year.

At the University of Toledo, students get swipes per week for meals as well as rocket and dining dollars which are similar to using cash. Dining dollars can be used on campus only while rocket dollars can be used on campus or off campus. These rocket dollars are great, but after looking at all the options on campus, you will see you really don’t have that many healthy options…

First, you can use your dollars at the Candy Counter at the Student Union. This location offers pop, snacks, candy and chips. Overall, I would rate this place as unhealthy. Next, you can use your dollars at the POD convenience store. The POD offers lots of options like sandwiches, pizza, chips, ice cream, candy, pop, snacks, salad and fruit. This place does offer healthy options, but most people go there to get ice cream and unhealthy snacks. Next, you can use your dollars at the bookstore. This isn’t food related so we can not include it in the mix. Other unhealthy options for using your dining and rocket dollars on campus include, KFC, Magic Wok, Pizza Hut, Rocky’s and Starbucks. All these places are very bad for you overall.

The few healthy options on campus are Subway, Croutons a salad place, and Phoenicia, a Greek restaurant. That it is!

Besides these places on campus, there are also numerous fast food restaurants and pizza places around campus to use your rocket dollars.

Why do you think there are so many unhealthy options??.. Well in my opinion the unhealthy food sells a lot better than healthy food and the university wants to make money. It is based on simple supply and demand. There aren’t going to stock tons of healthy food options when everyone is demanding new ice cream flavors.


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