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Peanut Flour Power

Restaurants have been using peanut flour for years. High in protein, this gluten free flour is used in soups, breads, cookies, sauces, breading and batters. Now home cooks can find this versatile ingredient at Trader Joe’s nationwide and at Harvey’s Supermarkets in Florida, Georgia and South Carolina thanks to the folks at The National Peanut Board.

They sent me a bag of peanut flour and a link to their website where they have a plethora of recipes using peanut flour. The recipes cover breakfast, lunch and dinner, snacks, soups, cookies, sauces, entrees, side dishes, you name it. It’s all pretty mind-boggling and tempting. I can’t wait to try them out. I may forego the peanut butter pancakes but the peanut shrimp chowder sounds yummy and the peanut chocolate chip muffin tops are on my list.

Peanut flour would be a wonderful addition to your pantry. Use it as a substitute for other flours or let your imagination run wild. Let us know the results. I’ll be posting my own results as I use this nifty new ingredient.

Rita Connelly
Rita Connelly

  1. You know, I’ve never head of peanut flour ’til now but my first thought was–what with peanut allergies being one of the most common of food-related allergies–that it’s kinda dicey for restaurants to use it so freely in foods most would presume to be “safe.”

  2. Jennifer
    That is a really good point about nut allergies.
    I have seen almond flour I think in Trader Joe’s but have not tried it.
    I can see how it would be popular with the gluten-free set.

    I’ll wait for Rita to make something and then she can share with me.

  3. Any chance you can send me the link to the recipe website? I can’t find the sheet of paper that came with mine. Thanks! xo

  4. Just added peanut four along with white flour to pan juices and marinade to magpie a sauce for some hangar steak. Wow!

    It added a great texture and slight nutty flavor.

  5. Nix magpie substitute make – damn you auto correct.

    Check out the website re damn you autocorrect for a great laugh!

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