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Healthy Lifestyle: Eat Less Meat

Meat packages in a Roman supermarket.
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I would like to thank Jena E. for sending me a link to this well thought out article about how to be more compassionate as carnivores.

It got me thinking about my own meat eating habits. This year I have eaten less meat than ever before.

I know the movie Food Inc., has much to do with that as well as meat doesn’t taste as good as it used to.

For instance, my Thanksgiving dinner was marvelous. It was a potluck at friends’ house in chilly Oracle, Ariz. The food, the wine, the conversation was simply fabulous. But when I got up for seconds (as we all did), I didn’t take seconds of turkey even though the bird is the word and so aptly roasted that I should have taken a photo pre-carving.

The article suggest 12 ways to be more compassionate and one of them is quite simple — to not eat meat one day a week.

I grew up in a household where having meat on the table was a must. Rarely did a day go by when we didn’t have meat. Nobody liked the fish today but that could be how the fish was prepared. Of course, nobody knew about tempeh or veggie burgers back them either.

What are your eating habits? Do you eat meat at every meal or every day?

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