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Recipe: Easiest Appetizer Ever – Quince and Manchego Cheese

Quince paste + Manchego cheese on water crackers

This is the easiest appetizer ever.

The hard part might be finding quince paste or what’s called membrillo.

I live in Tucson which has a large Latin population. You would have to look in Latin, Spanish, or Hispanic markets. The membrillo or quince paste is refrigerated.

This is considered a tapas or appetizer, snack, or a nosh with some wine.

I had a wine tasting a few months ago and served this. Nobody had it previously but everyone went nuts for its delicious simplicity and the cool sweet tart taste of the quince paste paired with the Manchego or Spanish cheese made from sheep’s milk.

You can find this cheese in Costco or Trader Joe’s.  Some Trader Joe stores have quince paste but not all of them.

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