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Thanksgiving: What do real men really think about the holiday?

Thanksgiving Dinner
Image by The Vault DFW via Flickr

What do real men really think about Thanksgiving?

I suppose men and women think differently about Thanksgiving.

Do guys think let’s eat, let’s drink, let’s take a nap, football, and more football?

While women think shopping-did I forget anything?, cooking, cleaning, did I make enough? will my vegetarian niece have enough to eat? I wish everyone would go home now because I want to catch a few hours sleep before I get to the mall by 4 a.m., OMG! Next year someone else is going to make this meal or we’re making reservations.

I will have to ask the guys at my Thanksgiving dinner what their pre thoughts were. I’m going to be the guest at a friend’s house and to the best of my knowledge two husbands and a male friend will be present along with us dames.

The Eat Like a Man blog on Esquire.com asked a bunch of male chefs and one female chef their thoughts about Thanksgiving.

The answers are humorous, serious, delirious, and delicious.

Surprisingly, 53 percent of chefs said yes to miniature marshmallows on the sweet potato casserole. Say what?

  1. Tradition! I think we are the only family on the planet that does not do the marshmallow, sweet potato concoction. I do enjoy it though, but it competes with the desserts.

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