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Help! Need easy fruit dessert recipe for Thanksgiving

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Calling all cooks: Beyond pumpkin pie – need easy fruity dessert for Thanksgiving

For people who know me, they know I don’t bake but I love to cook. My gas oven never seems calibrated and if a recipe says 350-degrees, I have to bake it at 375-degrees.  I have very few baking pans (on purpose and lack of space) and no mixer. It was ancient, broke, and I never replaced it.

So when my friend Anne asked me to bring a fruity dessert for Thanksgiving along with another dish that I suggested,  I, of course, said “okay.”

Anne is a fabulous cook. Anne is an adventurous cook. Anne would never expect me to buy a fruity dessert. Everything on Anne’s Thanksgiving table will be homemade.

I accept the challenge of making a fruity dessert.

Another guest is bringing pumpkin pie but as blasphemous as it is — not everyone likes pumpkin pie.

So dear Circle of Food readers I’m asking you for suggestions. Please list your recipe or detailed ideas in the comments section. If you post a recipe from a cookbook, attribute the cookbook or whatever the source is and/or link to a recipe. Please add some text as why you think your recommendation is the recipe for me.

The deadline is Monday, Nov. 22 at 4 p.m. – MST.

I will dwell on the suggestions and hopefully find one that I love and will make.

And if I do love and use your recipe, one winner will receive a copy of Alice’s Tea Cup – by Haley & Lauren Fox. This book features delectable recipes for scones, cakes, sandwiches, and more from New York’s most whimsical tea spot. The winner must be in the U.S.

A few hints:

I will never make dough dough from scratch.

I will use my oven even though it’s not calibrated.

I really don’t want to drag out the food processor but I might.

I have a blender and a whisk.

I don’t have a spring form pan and I’m not buying one.

I have cupcake tins, a pie pan, a 9×9 baking dish, and ditto 13×9 baking dish. I don’t want to buy anything new to make one dessert.

Good luck and remember fruity, easy, impressive and lots of flavor is what I’m shooting for. The recipe does not have to be traditional for Thanksgiving, that’s what pumpkin pie is for. The recipe must serve 6 but can serve more.

Mary Johnson who is a co-owner of Circle of Food is not eligible to win but Circle of Food guest bloggers are as well as anyone else reading this blog post.

The winner will be announced on the day after Thanksgiving so check back and make sure the right email is attached to your comment.

Thank you

  1. My Mother pouts if we don’t have ambrosia salad available at Thanksgiving (or any other holiday for that matter). It’s a great, light dessert for those watching waistlines or who over-indulged a bit at dinner but still want something a little sweet.

    2 Pink Grapefruits, sectioned
    4 Navel Oranges, sectioned
    1 can Mandarin Oranges, drained
    2-3 Bananas, sliced
    1 can Pineapple pieces in juice, half-drained–you want some of the juice!

    I section (technically the cut is known as a supreme) each fruit over the bowl so some of the natural citrus stays with the recipe and then pour the pineapple on top to help set the bananas.

    Traditionally, maraschino cherries and shredded coconut get added to this but Mom’s not a fan, so I leave them out. The flavor is best if you make it the night before and let it mingle in the fridge until serving time.

    A bowl of fruit salad too “boring”? Arrange the salad in a deep platter in concentric rings for a very pretty look.

    (I’m been too busy to sit down and form a decent blog post, lately, but I couldn’t let you go unassisted!)

  2. 1 bag mini marshmallows, 1 can pineapple pieces, 1 can mandarin oranges, 1/2 bag coconut, sour cream to hold it together. Walnuts if you wish.

  3. Thanks to Jennifer and Christina for throwing their easy fruity dessert into the ring.

    I chose Jennifer because she was first to post and the second dessert was too similar to the first.

    I didn’t use either dessert. I wanted something more impressive but still easy.

    I ended up making a pie with prepared pie crust. I kind of winged it. My friend Marianne makes a delicious apple pie after rinsing off that corn syrup goop from canned apple pie mix. I followed her lead but with some twists and turns.

    I will post the recipe soon.

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