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Pumpkin Savvy: Pumpkins are more user friendly than just pies

Pumpkins, photographed in Canada.
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I’m a pumpkin wimp. When I think of pumpkin anything — it’s already in a can or in a pie or in a jar for pumpkin butter.

Except to group a few of those mini pumpkins into a centerpiece, I am not pumpkin user-friendly.

That is why I was particularly intrigued when someone sent me this article called 40 clever things to do with a pumpkin. Who knew?  Oh, probably Martha Stewart and a thousand other people.

Of course there’s pumpkin pie, but what about pumpkin pancakes, pumpkin ale, and pumpkin dip?

Or what about using your pumpkin as a clever punchbowl or get this — decorative bird house?

I bet Circle of Food readers can come up with more ways to interact with a pumpkin. Why not share your ideas here?

  1. I bought a small, sweet pumpkin and baked it. Cut it in half, scooped out the seeds and baked at 400. Just needed a little butter, salt and pepper – yum.

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